Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works with the other sub-committees to promote fundraising and volunteering events as well as communicate grant making activities, The Committee works with Client Development and Marketing to enhance the internal and external position of the Foundation and provides a vehicle for RSM employees to communicate ideas, issues, and information to the Foundation Board.


Chaired by Madison McCabe

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee organizes and attends all fundraising events throughout the year and works with the Communications Committee to promote awareness of the events, The Committee encourages and inspires other RSM employees to attend and volunteer at fundraising events and works to increase employee participation in the Foundation through payroll deduction and/or annual gifts.


Chaired by Karin Gilmartin

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Grantmaking Committee

The Grantmaking Committee reviews and approves individual grant requests for donations to 501(c)(3) charities that RSM employees are passionate about. The Committee develops donation guidelines and coordinates with the Volunteering Committee for funding of volunteering events. 


Chaired by Mike Foraste 

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Volunteering Committee

The Volunteering Committee plans, coordinates, and implements volunteering events that will inspire employees to make a difference in the community and work together toward a common goal. The Committee coordinates with the Communications Committee to spread awareness about the events.


Chaired by Maggie Berkeley and Sarah Goscinak 

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Birdies Fore Love Committee

The Birdies Fore Love "BFL" Committee works with the current BFL captains for the year. The BFL Committee consists of all past captains as well as two additional board members to assist current year captains in the 9 month journey of Birdies Fore Love. The former captains keep the Foundation aware of ways we can stay involved with prior beneficiaries. 

Chaired by Colleen Boyce 

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