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Our Story
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The RSM Boston Foundation is a tax-exempt, public charity that inspires staff to get involved, make a difference, and give back to the communities and causes they care about. As we come together in support of each other, we have the power to change lives and amplify our impact.


Our Foundation dates back to 2000, when the RSM Boston office operated as a locally-owned accounting and consulting firm. In 2014, RSM US organized the RSM US Foundation, a national, tax-exempt public charity, dedicated to providing assistance to today’s youth in the areas of hunger, housing, health and education. The RSM Boston Foundation aligns with the four national Foundation goals but also allows us to support causes our Boston office employees are passionate about.


The RSM Boston Foundation is managed, funded and staffed by Boston firm employees who elect to support charitable organizations and social causes that are important to them. Through the work of our Foundation, our people are afforded a unique opportunity to work as a team, to share their time and support the Boston communities in which they live and work.

Good people, bring out the good in people.

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