Donation info

By the numbers...

Over 130 charitable organizations receive donations annually.

Annual donations of over $275,000 per year.

Over $350,000 has gone to the Elementary Schools of Charlestown since 2016. 

Recognized by the Boston Business Journal as the #2  most Charitable Companies per employee.

More than 500 Boston office employees volunteer their time each year.

Employees donated over 5,800 volunteer hours to charitable organizations in 2019

In 2019, we expect to clock over 3,000 hours helping charitable organizations

Requesting a donation

All requests for donations are submitted to the Grantmaking Committee for approval.  To help make the approval process as efficient as possible, and get you a decision quickly, please read through the following notes before completing the Donation Request form.


Proof of an organization's 501(c)3 status is required prior to funding a request.


Please submit requests at least 21 days prior to the due date to allow time for review.  The Foundation will do its best to  accommodate requests under 21 days, but cannot make any guarantees.


Contribution levels:

   In Memoriam: $100

A donation made in memoriam of an individual

   In Support of Event: $250

A request in support of an event that the requestor is not participating in

   Event Participation: $500

A request where the employee actively participates in the event (i.e., involved in planning and organizing the event, participation in a walk or other fundraising activity)

   Significant Commitment to Event: $1,000

A request where the employee has a significant level of commitment (i.e., physical event requiring months of training, volunteer activity that requires multiple meetings)

Involved in Strategic Focus of Charity: $1,500

A request where the employee is moderately involved in the strategic focus of the charity (i.e., committee members,; *limited to one request per person per fiscal year , not applicable if receiving a board grant) 

   Involved in Strategic Focus of Charity: $2,500

A request where the employee is actively involved in the strategic focus of the charity (i.e., board member, treasurer, trustee; **limited to one request per employee per fiscal year)

   Group Event Sponsored by the Foundation: Case by Case Basis


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